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Perfect Pullup With Ab Straps: Good Equipment

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alexsandralyn By alexsandralyn on
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I bought the Perfect Pullup Complete System by Perfect Fitness because I wanted a better upper body workout than I was getting from my workout videos. And I didn't want one of those pull up bars that flips over the door trim because that just doesn't seem sturdy to me.

The Perfect Pullup Complete System takes about half an hour to install. There are four separate mounts that have to be screwed into the doorframe, but a template is provided for where to drill the starter holes, so I didn't have to measure. Assuming that the doorframe is in good condition, the Perfect Pullup Complete System can support up to 300 lbs. When installed, I can still close the door to that room, and I can easily remove the bar from the doorframe as well.

The Perfect Pullup Compete System comes with rotating handles that just hook over the bar. I love those. The rotating handles make doing pull-ups so much easier for me, and I love that I can just lift them off of the bar when I want to switch to using the ab strabs. The ab straps have to slide onto the bar, so I usually just leave them on the bar and move them out of the way when I'm not using them.

The Perfect Pullup Complete System came with two different 21 day workout charts: one for the upper body and one for the abs. I'm a beginner, just one step above a complete weakling with a Max pullup of 1. And so my recommended 21 day workout consists of 3 reps of 1 Pullup, 3 reps of 2 Australian Pull-ups, and 3 reps of 4 Standing Rows, which I demonstrate in the video above. The ab workout consists of 10 reps each of knee-ups, oblique knee-ups and leg lifts to start with. Both workouts give a day off every other day, so it's logical to alternate between the upper body workout and the abs workout to tone them both up. And I tried to demonstrate in my video just how easy it is for me to flip from one exercise to the next in my workout routine. I am very happy with the Perfect Pullup Complete System, and I would recommend this product to anyone who doesn't mind drilling a few holes into their doorframe.