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Perfect Push Up Offers Us Navy Seal Mini Workout

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The Perfect PushUp is designed to create the ideal pushup with the least amount of effort and stress on your body. This work out equipment was actually designed by an inventor who was a Navy Seal in the US Navy. The Perfect PushUp equipment is ideal for both men and women to use and offers many benefits.

Basic Design

According to the packaging of the Perfect PushUp, it was designed by Alden Mills who was in the US Navy Seals. It has top quality chrome steel handles that will support up to 300 pounds of weight. The handles rotate with your body as you do your pushup work outs which in turn will reduce the amount of stress and strain you put on your body as a whole and on your joints. Now you can get the benefits of a good work out with pushups with equipment that is specifically designed to give the best pushup form possible with the least amount of pain and agony to your body.

Helpful Work Out Poster

The Perfect PushUp comes with a helpful poster that shows different exercises that you can do with the equipment. It even gives suggestions of how to do your routine to get the maximum results in the first twenty-one days that you use the work out equipment.

Work Out Video

It is easier to see someone demonstrating a particular exercise than to simply read about it. The poster is a great reminder of the exercises. However, an added benefit for the Perfect PushUp is that it comes with a free instructional and work out DVD that you can watch each time you work out. It is like having your own personal instructor in your home with you while you are working out.

Maximum Benefit

You will notice that the Perfect PushUp gives you the maximum toning benefit. It is designed for beginners to use and for body builders to further tone, enhance and sculpt their upper torso region of the body. Since the Perfect PushUp equipment supports your body, you end up using more muscles each time that you work out instead of the traditional pushups with no equipment at hand. Additionally, the Perfect PushUp equipment follows your body’s natural movements to increase your toning, sculpting and body building. Since you are not feeling pain and stress from working out, chances are that you will work out even longer to see even better results. There are less breaks needed during a work out with the Perfect PushUp equipment, as opposed to traditional pushup workouts with no equipment.


The pricing on the Perfect PushUp is very reasonable. You can accessorize the equipment with Perfect PushUp cards, additional DVD instructions and the Perfect PushUp poster. It is a terrific deal for the money. You should be able to find it in your local sporting goods or work out stores. You can ask a trainer at the local gym if they know of a store that carries the Perfect PushUp. The majority of trainers should be very familiar with this type of equipment. The average price is around $40 for the Perfect PushUp.