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Perfect Self Tanner For Fair Skin Tones

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When i was in my early twenties i was very self concious of my very fair pale skin tone, and i was tired of people asking me if i wasn't feeling well because 'you look so pale' uh ya well that's because i naturally am! So i started using self tanners, and it eventually got to the point where i was obsessed with looking tan. I tried tanning in the sun and in the salon beds, but i would just burn and end up red, not brown, i went back to white after the peeling of my damaged skin came off. I now regret baking and frying myself and i worry about the damage done to my skin!

Besided soaking up the uv rays i also slathered myself in self tanner, i didnt feel comfortable unless i had the 'tan' look! It wasn't until 2005 when my favorite self tanning product from Neutrogena was discontinued that i went on the search for a comparable product, i tried Clarins self tan milk and liked that, but it stank and was sticky, Chanel gave me a dirty murky muddy color, and was waaaaay too pricey for what it was, and Dior was just disgusting, pumpkin orange and streaky, i also tried Coppertone, that too stunk and streaked. I tried many gradual tan moisturizers like Olay Radiance, that didnt give me any color at all, same with Jergens and a few others, so i gave up and eventually embaced my milky skin tone.

Then last summer a girl i work with came into work looking tan and gorgeous! Her skin is a little lighter than mine, and she has natural very light almost platinum blond hair. I asked her if she went to the beach on the weekend and somehow managed to get a tan without burning. She smiled at me and said 'nope, it's all fake, the result of Dove Energy Glow Moisturizer' This girl is almost totally albino, for her to be able to look this natural with a light healthy looking tan, and not at all fake and orange was amazing, if i hadn't ever seen her before i would honestly have thought that was her real skin color! I rushed out on my lunch break to buy some of this Dove lotion for myself, if it could look that real on her skin coloring, i thought it would on me too!

That night i applied the lotion, i decided to buy the one for body instead of face as it was the same price, but the small was about 50ml or so, and the one for body is 248ml. I bought the one for fair-med skin tones. The lotion itself is not tinted so you have to be careful to apply it evenly. Not a bad scent, more lotion like scented, i can't place the smell exactly, but not at all a self tanner smell, so you can apply it in the daytime and not stink or smell funny. The color develops alot faster than all the self tanners i have used, so i like this. I chose to apply before bed, so that i could wash off the excess lotion or if i didnt apply it properly i could loofah it off, or not wear a skirt that day until it faded. And it does fade evenly and not weird like others do as long as you exfoliate or loofah once a week.

I also have very sensitive rosacea prone skin that irritates and burns or stings very, very easy, and this did not bother my skin at all, and did not cause pimples or drying of the face. I really love how it covers up my rosacea red cheeks! This self tanning moisturizer abled me to only wear Cover Girls sheer tinted moisturizer instead of foundation and powder to cover up the redness all summer long, my face felt so clean without all the heavy makeup!

The next morning i woke up to a natural healthy looking glow after the application the night before, and no stains on sheets or pillows! Did not turn me orange or weird yellow. My skintone with a hint of color, like the way you look if you use a foundation a shade slightly darker than your natural skin color. I didn't have to worry about wearing pantyhose when i had this on my legs, it hid flaws, and hid the dark not - stubble, but if you have dark hair and light skin you know what im talking about!

This moisturizer also comes in medium to dark skin formula besides the fair to med. the second time I bought a bottle i accidently picked up the one for med to dark skin and didnt notice until my skin was much more tan looking, but it still worked with my skin tone, still didn't make me look orange!

I will be buying more again this summer, i love this product!