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Perfume Like Smell Follows You Around For Days After Use!

Reviewing: Toni & Guy Moisture Injection Conditioner  |  Rating:
By zalyse1337 on
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Walking around in the clearance section in Shopper's Drug Mart, I was attracted to the neatly designed bottle of the Toni & Guy products they had, all for $4.99, which is a steal compared to their regular price of $10.99. They had a few different products there, such as leave-in conditioner, but I chose the pink-bottled Moisture Injection (normal) conditioner.

The thing I love most about this Toni & Guy product is the smell, which I think is absolutely amazing. In the bottle, it may be hard to smell, but after you've put it in your hair, the scent stays on you for a while! At the moment, I last washed my hair with it a couple of days ago, but when I flip my hair in front of my face, I can still smell it. The Moisture Injection conditioner doesn't have an overpowering, fruity smell like many store-bought conditioners I've used in the past have, but a light, perfume-like smell, which strangely enough you can only smell when flipping your hair over your face (which I've done a few times secretly!).

The packaging for this product, I like, but I've heard many people complain about the same thing: many don't like how little you get out of the bottle at one time, and think it's too hard. It comes two ways, in a bottle with a push-down thing, and in a normal squeeze bottle. I have the squeeze bottle, and while this is true, it's really not that bad, and if anything it's good, as it prevents you from accidentally using too much (something we've all accidentally done!).

Now for the part that matters most - how it actually works on you hair. I'm going to be honest and say that I haven't noticed a difference from the previous conditioner I've used, which makes it average. It works, making my hair smooth as advertised on the label, though it's nothing special in terms of how it works. The effects may or may not be improved if preceded with the Moisture Injection shampoo, which I don't have, though is available.

Overall, if I can continue getting the Toni & Guy Moisture Injection conditioner at a cheap price, I will continue buying it. It still makes my hair smooth, while not as well as expected, and the scent of it is definitely something that I will miss when the bottle runs out if I cannot find more!