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Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer

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Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer. I first saw this movie on a blockbuster shelf and just passed it because I had another choice in mind. I passed it many times after that, but what made me finally rent it was when I saw the trailer on another blockbuster dvd.

This movie is about a man, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, who was born with an absolutely supernatural sense of smell. His mother is killed, so Jean-Baptiste, who is still just an infant, is then sent to an orphanage which is overcrowded and the children immediately try smothering him with a pillow. Later in life, he's sent somewhere else, I forgot exactly where, but as part of his job, he's sent to deliver some fabric or cloth. He catches the scent of a woman who's far away. He follows the scent and finds her, she talks to him and asks if he wants to buy any of the fruit she's selling, but he doesn't so she walks away. He follows her home, and when she screams, she cover's her mouth and nose as someone passes by so she can't yell, but in doing this, he kills her. He just keeps taking in her scent even after she's dead. He decides he must learn to capture scent like this in a perfume so that he may never lose it again. He goes to a once famous perfumer and becomes his apprentice, but even he cannot help him with what he wants so the perfumer tells him to go to a place where they know of other methods for capturing scent. There, he learns of that method and tries it on another girl. The method involved covering her in animal fat and scraping it off with a small sickle like tool. The woman becomes frightened and tells him to leave, so in a split moment decision, he kills her. After this he's sent spiraling down a dark path of murder and obsession

This movie, I actually enjoyed, as I said it was so interesting watching this man just be consumed by this obsession. He was once innocent and then he so quickly turns. I thought it was a well done movie. That is until the ending. The ending was just so ridiculously strange and over the top that it even sort of damaged my opinion of the rest of the movie. It was good, but the ending was just so unbelievable. For those of you who know what the ending is, I will say I was NOT offended by it, but I just felt it was completely unnecessary and too much. I would advise that you steer clear of this movie, but if you must see it, give it a rental, nothing more.