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Perimeter Control

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No matter where you live, you are likely to have some type of house or garden pest. I don't really mind if they are in the yard, but I consider their visits into the house an invasion of my privacy.

I have come to believe that perimeter control is the secret of a happy home. Bayer Advanced Home Pest Control Indoor & Outdoor Insect Killer is an important part of my happy home program.

The primary attractions of a product like this are cost and convenience.

I could pay for a bug service, but that would cost about $250 a year as opposed to about $25 for this 'do it yourself' solution.

If I wanted to give up convenience, I could probably cut my costs in half (or less) by mixing concentrated insecticides and water. However, mixing poison and cleaning up the sprayer gives me the heebie jeebies.

This indoor & outdoor pest control spray neutralizes a wide range of crawling, flying, and wood infecting pests. The active ingredient is 0.05% B-Cyfluthrin and 0.30% is the germ killer Sodium O-phenylphenate. The remaining 99.65% is other and inert ingredients so I guess this can't be too bad for the environment (I am not a doctor, I only play one in Sharedreviews).

As an indoor treatment, it is recommended for spot or crack and crevice spray only. Outdoors it can be used as a perimeter treatment. The package claims to control pests for up to 9 months. I try to remember to spray around the foundation of my house every several months. I use it around my baseboards at the sign of any problem or if I am going away on a long trip.

I always buy Home Pest Control in the one US gallon plastic jug with tube attached sprayer. It is also available in a convenient 24 ounce hand sprayer.

One thing I like about Bayer Advanced Pest Control is that it does not have a strong unpleasant smell.