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Perks And Peeves Of Oblivion

Reviewing: Bethesda Softworks The Elderscrolls 4: Oblivion  |  Rating:
Simon Rupp By Simon Rupp on
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Ah yes Oblivion... The fourth installment of the Elderscrolls. First of all, I have had some annoying run-ins with the disc of this game. No, it isn't any issue that won't let you install or anything, its just that I lost the disc a few 3 times so I ended up paying around 180 bucks for a game that I soon realised may not have been worth it. While the TES construction set is great, you know all the fun with adding personal content, it is somewhat tedious joining the Mages Guild for the, what, 10th time? Yeah, and sometimes the quests decide to bug and get stuck. Also, the imbalance of the leveling system can get really old REALLY fast. Ok so imagine this, you are walking through the streets of the imperial city. You are a level 30 dark elf, a master of blades, you can kill all who oppose you in a blink of an eye. Guess what, it doesn't mean [email protected]#$ if you decide to drop some insignificant beggar who dared ask you for money, the whole city comes after you, and the guards decide to come to your level too! By the by, about the cities... Quite frankly, I was very dissapointed in the Imperial City. Yeah it was grand with all the tasty white marble and guards in shiny suits, but there was like 50 people who live in the city total. The Imperial City is the CAPITAL of an entire continent. A capital with 50 people? Come on Bethesda, you can do better, well.. Maybe you can't, but still! Anyhoo, the graphics are pretty good in this game. I really like the detail of the woodlands, although it sometimes lags my computer. Sounds and stuff are pretty good, but I think casting sounds could be better. Animations? They kinda screwed up. In one of the towns, Leyawinn or something like that, there is this skooma den, where skooma addicts hang out, hence the name "Skooma Den". In case you are wondering, Skooma is a narcotic made from refined moon sugar. And moon sugar is.... sugar from the moon of course! Back on topic, you can talk to someone while he is drinking skooma. So you get to see through his mouth and teeth and all the pretty stuff. Isn't that a great way to spend an afternoon? Looking through bad animations into some druggy's gums? Another thing that bugs me is the jump animation. In the previous game, "The Elderscrolls 3: Morrowind", they had a similar issue. For short jumps, it didn't look too bad, but it didn't look too good. For long jumps however, it looked just plain retarded. Your guy would stay in the same pose for the entire flight. Hehe... One time I jacked up my jump skill and attributes and even made a spell that made me jump rediculously high, and I just stayed in the same pose for 2 minutes. Nothing on me was really moving that much. Maybe the default wiggle of the breathing animation, but aside from that, I was just there. No bracing for impact, no menuvering myself, no nothing. Just falling. I really wish they put in some animations for jumping. The game is pretty cool since the Dark Brotherhood is in it, the assassins guild of the elderscrolls universe, and you can join it. Get contracts, slit a throat, get payed. Cool cool right? Wrong. There is no default assassinate animation. You just stab your target regular and normal. Slash at him maybe. Oh joy, a X6 bonus. Maybe that will work against an unarmored opponent. I guess this falls in the category of realism and animation. Their bad for not putting in more for the assassin type. Their bad for making it so it doesn't matter if you sneak up behind them and they can't see you and you COULD go for a kill shot by slitting the throat or maybe stabbing them in the neck. Otherwise, it is a pretty entertaining game. I reccommend that you get some skills with the editor (Elderscrolls Construction Set, you can download it off of their site: http://www.elderscrolls.com/home/home.php ) or you will be running out of things to do once you complete the main quest line. Or watch it die horribly in a murderous onslaught of bugs like with mine :D. But hopefully not. I leave you, reader, with one word of advice, don't eat the yellow snow... Happy Holidays!