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Persona 3

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 is a rare RPG experience. Persona 3 is an Atlus game that fuses the RPG and dating sim genres. This game was only released as a package, including the game, the artbook, and a sample soundtrack CD for $49.99. Unfortunately, it had a limited pressing, so if you do not buy it quickly, you will be paying extremely marked up prices on eBay to find a copy.

The Shin Megami Tensei series is known for its mature themes and Persona 3 is no different. Persona 3 involves high school kids summong their Personas, creatures that aid them in battle, by shooting themselves in the head. The game also deals with the apocolypse, so if some of these ideas offend you, beware.

Persona 3's battle system is very unique. The only person you can control in battle is the main character. The main character can give orders to all of the other party members, but they are simple such as "Use Magic" or "Don't Attack." This adds a lot more strategy to battle. On the sim side of things, you plan out the main characters day. After school, you can choose who you hang out with or you can choose to fight and strengthen your party.

The soundtrack is wonderful. It features a lot of hip hop and electronic music. Not all of the music is on the bonus soundtrack CD though, so if you want the full experience while you're not playing the game, you will have to import the full CD from a store like Play-Asia.com.

Overall, Persona 3 is one of the best and freshest RPG experiences this year. If you wait, you'll end up missing out on this true gem.