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Persona 3 Fes

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Persona 3 FES is a game for the Playstation 2. This game has everything that the original Persona 3 has but this version 30+ extra hours of gameplay.

You are in a team of students who are concious during the "dark hour". During this hour people turn into coffins. Those who don't turn into coffins and don't have the ability to evoke a persona will likely get "apathy syndrome" by the next hour. Your character has the ability to evoke multiple personas with mulitple abilities to fight shadows during the dark hour. You do most of your fighting in a dungeon known as "Tartarus" which transforms to your regualar high school during the day time.

When your not fighting shadows you are building your social life. Making friends, as well as building up your charm, academics, and toughness are key to making stronger personas.

The main thing that people find annoying about this game and a deal breaker for them is the soundtrack. It's very techno Japanes pop music that some people can't stand, but I personally don't mind it.

My favorite part of the gameplay is the battle scenes because with so many personas, you can do so much. The other team members have their own special abilites and you really have to strategize when it comes to a tough battle.

The game was a lot linear than I thought. You don't have much control with time and the world isn't that huge. I was expecting to get more involved like mini-games. You do get to learn a little about history and Japanese culture.

This game is rated M for mature 17+. There are a couple of curse words, but not enough to get an M rating. I think it's because of how you summon the persona. You have to use the evoker, which looks like a gun and shoot yourself in order for your persona to come out. Little strange.