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Persona 3 For Playstation 2

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By rathborne on
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Persona 3, from Atlus, succeeds at providing a unique experience in the form of a video game. Gameplay consists of standard PS2 Role-Playing Game fare, such completing quests for rewards and leveling up to fight bosses, but provides an interesting dynamic by also requiring your character to focus on his personal life. I found it a refreshing change of pace to have to balance dungeon crawling with studying for high school finals, attending extracurricular activities, and meeting in-game friends for interactions which also serve to develop my characters abilities separately from fighting monsters.

The difficulty is higher than that of typical console RPGs, requiring careful planning to overcome many of the games challenges. I enjoyed this quite a bit more than games such as the Final Fantasy series, where the only challenges come from optional, time consuming side quests.

I would recommend this to any gamer seeking something new in a sea of derivative games, as the social aspects of gameplay, along with the added (but not excessive) difficulty kept me entertained constantly for the full length of the game.