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Persona 4 Is Amazing!

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tenderheart By tenderheart on
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This is the funniest Persona and video game I 've ever played! Watching the long script/ video clips is worth it. The characters are very interesting and funny especially Teddy! Teddy is so cute! You can never guess the things that will happen to teddy. I hope his character will still be in the next Persona game.

Fusing the cards to create your personas is addicting. Aside from the old personas, there are new interesting ones.You can acquire the strongest personas once your social link levels for each arcana reach their maximum levels.

There are different endings. Make sure to save your game. There are also additional skills your battle team mates will acquire when your social skills with them level up.

This is the BEST PERSONA GAME so far! I hope the movie people will make this game a movie. Imagine the effects and action scenes everytime a persona is summoned. You have to try out this game. It gets better and better!