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Pert Happy Medium Shampoo Makes Me Happy!

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ross maz By ross maz on
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"Pert plus happy medium" is the shampoo that i have been using for about the past year and a half! It has done a good job being a more than average shampoo, i would consider suave shampoo average. This shampoo is so great because it smells great, (people tell me my hair smells good!) although i have used it for so long i can barely smell it anymore, and because of how it makes my hair look. The shampoo makes my hair shinny and light, in color and physically. The bottle says it is a 2 in onee shampoo, because it has conditioner in it. Also it is called happy medium because it has a medium conditioning properties. It is one of three in their main series, light conditioning, medium conditioning, and deep conditioning. the one problem i have with it is i have to take a shower, and wash my hair every day i go out, other wise my hair gets really greasy, after sleeping. But i can't totally blame the shampoo for that because i comb my hair, which apparently makes hair greasy. In the future i should try light conditioning, the bottle says light conditioning is for those with oily hair. Overall this is a great cheap shampoo for people who fairly normall hair who want to get compliments on their hair!

I have just taken a shower in the picture where i am jumping and when i am looking down at the picture, the picture of me looking into the mirror is what my hair looks like in the morning.