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Pest Of Fense Didnt Work Well For Us

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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This is supposed to be the greatest way to keep mice out of your house, but it only worked for about two months for us before they got used to it.

We live in the country and had mice everywhere in the old house. But we built a new house 17 years ago and thought that there might be fewer problems with mice. Wrong! They find ways to get in no matter what, it seems.

So I paid $25 for this Pest OFFense electronic gadget. I’m willing to try nearly anything. The idea of this is that you plug it into a socket and it sends pulses through your home wiring that mice, rats, roaches, and some other insects can’t tolerate so they stay away.

This billed as a great environmental alternative to poisons, etc. I like that a lot. No chemicals, safe around children, food, most pets. I sure wish that it really worked because I don’t like to kill the little critters, I just want to keep them out of the pantry and kitchen.

It has a lighted panel in the front that serves as a nightlight. The red light flashes all the time and the green light is off 3 minutes and then on 3 minutes. It doesn’t really explain why.

Supposedly one unit will be enough for one level of an average size home. I suppose it’s possible that because we didn’t get two units that was the reason it didn’t seem to work. But I would have thought that it would keep them off of the level I put it on. I chose the kitchen and pantry level, because that was where I really wanted them to be gone.

Don’t use this if you have pets that are rodents or rodent like. Examples, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, gerbils, etc.

These now cost $30, but they are still available. This makes me think that they must work better for some people. Maybe I’ll plug it in right near the pantry and see what happens. I can post an update later.

If you want to try it, the web site is Pest OFFense.