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Pet Piller

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tinkerbell By tinkerbell on
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I purchased the Pet Piller in hopes that I would be able to administer pills to my 'impossible to medicate' cat. We want our animals to get well fast. Pet medicine is expensive. We want to know they have indeed swallowed their pill. We also want to know we will be able to keep our fingers in tact in the process.

Our oldest cat was very easy as far as accepting his meds. Our younger cat, however, is not. I purchased the Pet Piller thinking that finally I would be able to get some pills down this difficult cat.

The Pet Piller is about 8" long. It is made of plastic. It has a rubber tip at the point. You are to place the pill inside this rubber tip and push down on the plunger. Looking at this device, it looks like it should work. Getting it to work with my impossible cat is another story.

Some of the success of this item may also depend on the size of the pill. When struggling to get this device into my cat's mouth, the pill would sometimes fall out. One time the pill stayed in my cat's mouth instead of going down his throat and he proceeded to drool excessively for 30 minutes. That was the last time we used this item.

I felt Pet Piller was a waste of money for us, but if you have a cat who is not so impossible, it might work with the right size pill. It's not a bad invention. At least it's the Pet Piller your cat is biting instead of your fingers. Thanks!