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Pet Semetary Stephen K Ing

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By thomas padley on
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Okay this is my first review. So i apologise for any mistakes, something i have missed out, not long enough.

I shall first give you the basic plot of the story, Okay themain characters being Louis Creed and his family, move into a new house as Louis is starting out a new practise, his job being a doctor. He meets the neigbours, Judd and his wife suffering from a disease. Trucks from a company are always driving up and down the highway and obviously they come into play later on in the book. Anyway the first to die is a random lad called Pascow, he warns Louis about the pet semetary, and basically says if you bury things up there, then theres going to be hell to pay.

But sure enough the family cat dies and instead of upsetting his daughter, he and Judd bury the cat in an ancient burial ground, and whilst the family was away for thanksgiving, except Louis as he and Rachel (his wife's) father dont get on! The cat comes back alive, but he's not..... normal. Soon after the trucks hit again and this time its his little son Gage, Louis begins to crack, and ends up burying his soon up out of his grave and taking him to the ancient burial ground. Not thinking about how evil the cat was, and despite Judds stories.

It then turns into a blodbath as little Gage sure comes back killinh Judd, and Rachel his mother. But Louis takes his wife out of the house and sets the house afire ( Judds house this is) and once again goes to the burial ground in hope his wife will return.. well she does.. but clearly not the wife he once had.

I wanted to review this book and share with the people on the site.. because I am a big fan of reading and this is what i love to do, review movies and books, and Stephen King has been an idol and is the king of horror and suspence, and this book is jammed packed! gently rising and keeps you gripped. IM sure alot of people will ahve seen the movie, but trust me the movie has nothing on the book, the movie adds unecissary things, and well is basically not a good film. I advice anybody who loves horror or reading, or even Stephen King fans out there who hasn't read the book to take the time and read this amazing novel.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this and i hope it gave you the urge to read the book