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Pet Trainer: Ultrasonic Training Device

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Gayle Parks By Gayle Parks on
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One of the most annoying sounds in the world to me is a barking dog. I don't mean a dog barking at a stranger or a dog barking at another dog passing the yard. I mean a dog that barks almost constantly for no apparent reason. My former neighbor had such a dog. Bark, bark, bark, all day and all night. So when I saw this pet training device in a catalog I ordered one. This device is about the size of a cell phone. It uses one 9 volt battery. It uses high frequency sound that can only be heard by dogs, cats and other small animals. Since it uses sound it does not hurt the animal. It does however appear to cause just enough irritation to make the animal remove itself from the source and likewise the area. For about 3 days I had to be diligent about using it on my neighbor's dog. Every time he barked day or night I would get up, raise the bathroom window and "zap" him with the trainer. He would immediately stop barking, cock his head and retreat to the far side of the yard. After about 3 days his barking decreased dramatically.

It also worked on my cat. She had developed the habit of sitting outside the bedroom door at 3 am and meowing mournfully. But after only a few uses of the pet trainer she stopped. So, it also did a great job with my cat. However, I noticed that it did not have near the same effect on my male cat. I also noticed that it seemed to work best with medium to large dogs. Smaller dogs like Boston Terriers and the like seemed to just react by barking more.

I want to stress again that this device uses sound so it does not hurt the animal. It just helps them to re-think their current activity. After all, I didn't want to hurt the neighbor's dog; I just wanted him to shut up. This device worked well for me and was well worth the $15.00 I paid for it. When I moved out of state last year I left this little jewel with my sister to use with her neighbors dog so I have no picture to share but you can see one for yourself by visiting the following web site. If you have a pet that is misbehaving or a neighbor with a barking dog you may want to give this a look see at http://www.carolwrightgifts.com