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Pet Washer

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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Walter Drake Pet Washer-Bought this to help wash my dog without having to break my back. It was a hose that fastens onto the tub faucet and water comes out through a brush head to help clean the dog by loosening dead skin and dirt.

When I first got it out of the bag I thought this looks flimsy and cheap but if it would help make bathing the dog easier I would give it a chance. Well it would not stay on the faucet very well. Once you turned on the water the weight of the water definitely made it come off the faucet. Then when I held it on it leaked from two different places . Around the faucet and around the head of the hose. Oh well for coming out the brush head like it was suppose too. Very little water actually came out of the brush.

Apparently this is very poorly made. Even if you could get it to stay on the faucet it leaks all over. This certainly makes me think twice from ever buying a product from this company again because I am certain they know how their products work or I would hope they test them.

Now lets see if I can get my money back.