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Peter Pan A Childrens Classic

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I have never read the original Peter Pan story until now. I don't know why, I just had never read it. So I saw it listed n the book club I'm in and decided to finally sit down and actually read the original story by J.m. Barrie. I have seen the movies. Tons of movies and movies based from the story such as Hook and Finding Neverland. So I was curious as to how the original Peter Pan story worked into all these films I had seen. It turns out that all the films have one element in them that is not in the other films but IS in the original story. If you took every Peter Pan film made and put them all together you would have the entire original book. That just fascinated me.

Peter Pan is a young boy who flies to the window of the nursery where 3 young children live. He listens to their stories and then flies back to Neverland to tell his lost boys the stories he's heard. One night though he losses his shadow and then has to come back for it. In doing so he wakes the young girl, Wendy, who then helps him put his shadow back on by sewing it to his feet. Eventually Wendy's two brothers are awaken and then Peter Pan persuades them all to come to Neverland with him so Wendy can be their mother and tell them stories. Neverland of course is a magical place with faries and pirates and Indians and Mermaids. The three children have a wonderful time in Neverland until they are all captured by the Pirate, Captain Hook. Hook gets a very hard death when the ticking crocadile eats him though. And in the end the 3 children must return home because their dear mother is missing them terribly.

The original Peter Pan story is everything you have imagined the Peter Pan story to be. Even in your adult years you will still enjoy reading this book if you have not. It is defenatly a book to read at any age.

The book is only 187 pages long and I have the copy with illustrations by Arthur Rackham.