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Petflex Self Adhesive Bandages For Pets Are Great

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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paw bandaged with Petflex

My dog, Maggie, has developed a habit of licking her legs until they have raw spots and bleed! This stretchy bandage will hold a sterile pad in place better than tape. It’s designed specifically for animals, and is not only easy to use, but very reasonably priced.

For quite a few years, whenever the dog has had blood drawn, the vet would cover the spot with a cotton ball and wrap a stretchy bandage around it that would stick to itself. I would save these scraps and take them in the pet first aid kit when I had a dog that hiked with me.

Maggie doesn’t hike with me, but she has developed this nervous habit of licking raw spots on her legs. The vet gave her Benedryl to break the irritation cycle, but sometimes she still gets one that is open, oozing and nasty.

So, the last time I went to the vet I asked if they could sell me some of that self-sticking bandage material. It turns out that they offer it for sale in wide and narrow rolls. It now comes in bright pink. I’m not sure that’s necessary, but I guess it makes cast off bandages easy to find.

This roll is 2 inches wide and 2.2 yards long, unstretched. You simply cut the length you need and stretch it lightly (you don’t want to cut off circulation) around the limb that needs bandaging. Of course, this is just to hold the actual dressing, don’t put this directly on a wound.

It contains latex and has a warning that some pets might be allergic to this. It also says that a latex-free version is available.

We have found that the self-adhesive factor is good for about three applications before it won’t hold any more. In the fourth picture you can see that the bandage is pretty beat up, and this one won’t hold again. I had to cut a new strip. Maggie doesn’t like having a bandage on, but she left it alone until some time during the night, and her raw spot looked much better for even having a few hours of medication

The only thing I would change would be if they could infuse it with something that tastes so nasty that an animal would leave it alone.

I think that this is a really great product for dealing with open sores on pet appendages.