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Pet Safe Stubborn Dog Radio Fence It's Shocking!

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I've always oned dogs but never had the challenge of owning a 'houdini' dog until recently. She's quite a large dog of mixed breed, and has the power of superman as I've witnessed her "flying" over my 4 ft fence! At first I tried restraining devices, but found out all too quickly that this was a dog that could escape any bondage! My last resort was to purchase an underground-type fencing system. This would be the type to "shock" the dog whenever she crossed the buried wire. I had mixed emotions as I ordered the system.

When it arrived, my husband dug right in and got the wire and flags organized to be set into place. The nice thing about this system is that it doesn't necessarily have to be underground to work. It can be attached to a fence, or just strung along the grass and it still works. We followed the instructions for placing the flags along the wire path, which give a visual warning for the dog. We placed the shock collar on the dog, and set the amount of shock level on the master unit. At first we went with a lesser jolt to see how it worked. The last thing to do was to watch the dvd that contained the mini-instructions I would need to start the training of my dog.

The training broke my heart due to the fact that when she got the first shock it made her yelp. But she seemed to get the hang of it right away so I was pleased. Well, I shouldn't have gotten too comfortable with my success! When my dog spied something she REALLY wanted on the other side of the fence, she sored over --shock and all! Of course this means she wasn't coming back in, because she just got shocked, and it was fresh in her mind! After adjusting the level of shock (several times), we now have it on the highest setting. This keeps her in the yard the majority of time, but she STILL will take a shock now and then if what's on the other side of the fence interests her.

The bottom line is that it is a great product, but I just have a naughty dog! Others have had better success, but if you have a dog that really wants to jump the fence it will take the pain in order to do it.