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Phase 10 Card Game

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crunkyjens By crunkyjens on
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When my friends and I are bored and we feel like a card game there is only one card game we turn to; Phase 10. Phase 10 is a great little game by the makers of Funex Games and can provide hours of fun. It's name indicates exactly what the game is, ten phases of mini "card games."

Each phase is different and you need to get a certain set of cards in order to complete the phase. The phases range anywhere from 2 sets of 3 of a kind, to a run of 9, to a set of 7 cards of one color. You can not move onto the next phase without completing the previous phase. For example, if one person is the first to complete phase one, they then get to move onto phase two. However for the rest of the people that did not complete phase one first, they have to remain on phase one and still go for that set of cards while the winner of the previous round can now try to complete the second phase. The game really gets fun and competitive when you have 4 different people working on 4 different phases.

This game is great for rainy days or if you are bored, looking for something to do and want something to provide at least a couple of hours of fun. The game takes longer when there are more people of course and definitely a little bit more competitive but it's just as fun if you only have two people. So if you like card games and love to be competitive, I would definitely check out this game! Cheap entertainment for hours of great fun!