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Phase Technology: Great Sound, Small Package

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I have a pretty good stereo/audio system, but it's in my dining room, the only room that could hold it in my very small house. The living room and dining room are connected by an archway, or separated by an archway, depending on your perspective. The archway is more a nod to separation than an actual separation, to keep both rooms looking larger than they are. My problem was that when my Aiwa speakers sat on the floor of my dining room, it was hard to hear my music in the living room.

Since at the time, we had no Best Buy or Circuit City, I went to Rex, seeking new speakers. Small speakers, that wouldn't rule the living room or blow me out of my chair. I wouldn't mind, but my dogs have more sensitive ears, and I hate to hurt them with loud noises. I found this great pair of Phase Technology Speakers, only 10 inches high and about 6 inches across. In the "sound room" of the store, they sounded great. So armed with the speakers and a great length of speaker wire, I headed for home.

Hooking them up was ridiculously easy, since my system was already set up for four speakers. Finding a place to put them was easy too, given their compact size. Then came the test: how did they sound? The answer: great. Much better than I'd expected. They may be small, but unless I'm careful, I also blow my neighbors across the street off their couch, too. As an added bonus, my Denon Surround Receiver has a number of pre-settings for different four-speaker sound quallities, from concert hall (perfect for classical music) to arena (it rocks...).

Need small speakers and want great sound? Give these a try. If you don't like them, you can probably take them back, but I'm keeping mine.