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Phase Out To Quit Smoking

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Way back in the 90's there was this device you could buy to help you quit smoking. It's called PhaseOut. I was a heavy smoker and was willing to try anything to quit, so I tried it.

PhaseOut is a smoking cessation aid. It works by piercing tiny holes in your cigarette filters to reduce the amount of smoke you inhale. It forces you to inhale more air than smoke through a gradual process--weaning. On the back of the device there are settings to increase the amount of holes punched in your filter in relation to which phase you are on.

I found the PhaseOut unit worked for me for a time. Why? Eventually you will tire of puffing your cigarette only to draw in air. So I quit smoking and gave the unit to a friend. I also picked the nasty habit back up again and couldn't get my PhaseOut back. So, the method is not fool proof or permanent. I'm probably just weak and have a hand to mouth disorder.

Fortunately, I quit again when I found out I was pregnant. I discovered seeing images of babies in the womb smoking more of a deterrent than any smoking cessation aid.

I looked around online prior to writing this review up and saw you can still buy these PhaseOut machines on eBay and from Websites. I also read PhaseOut had some legal issues for misinformation way back when.

Would I buy one again? Perhaps, if the need arises, I might also buy one as a gift for a friend.

I couldn't decide how to rate "Side Effects" here. There are no side effects using the machine itself, unless you stick your hand in the unit and punch holes in your fingers. However, death is a pretty big side effect of smoking.