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Pheromones Attract Women, Nivea Mens Body Lotion

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Carling Kalicak By Carling Kalicak on
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If your a man looking for a female approved skin lotion I recommend Nivea for men. It has a nice light masculine scent that you notice once the cream has completely settled into your skin. This scent is so fine that combined with good hygenics she would never know if it's just the natural smell of you or not, pheromones attract and that's a fact!

The lotion replenishes the skin leaving it soft like a newborn the only downfall to the product is that it leaves a bit of a sticky or slimey residue when applied but goes away after a few minutes to a few hours depending on how dry and absorbant your skin is. The product so far has been good for skin with allergies which is how I stumbled across this cream, my boyfriend was having a reaction to my moisturizers due to the high level of perfumes and moisture. We tried many different brands of female lotions (What? I like men that smell pretty! :P) scented and non-scented but I think female lotions were designed for our types of pores whereas a man has larger pores from body hair causing them to clog and infect the skin easier. Nivea's cream appears far lighter in texture and goes on like mildly lubricated water. So if your having skin irritations from general female formulated creams or just want to attract more women this product is worth giving a try at 4 dollars a bottle. Just remember less is more and body lotion is a lifestyle not a 1 day treatment, use it once per day usually after a shower.