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Phil Ted's E3 Stroller

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I have two small children who still need to be in a stroller when we are out and about. I am a bit of a menace with strollers, and most double strollers out there are very big and bulky. If they gave driver's licenses for double strollers, I don't think I'd get one for a traditional stroller.

The Phil & Ted's Stroller comes as a single stroller, but has a second seat attachment available so that two children can sit in it. There are several seating configurations for the stroller. One of those settings is appropriate for a newborn baby, and allows the newborn to lay flat, which is really nice. The only two rules is that the heavier child should always be in the front-most position, and the weight limit for each child is 40 lbs.

The E3 is set up as a jogging style stroller with the three wheel setup. The front wheel can be set to swivel (my preferred setting), or locked front wheel. It's been said that this isn't a good stroller for the serious jogger, but since I don't run, this isn't a problem. The parent handle can adjust in height, so it makes it work for both my 6' tall husband and my 5'2 self.

The E3 is fantastic on rough terrain. I've taken it on some trails for hikes, and as long as the terrain isn't too rough, it's been really good. It also does well on grass and dirt roads. The tires are like bicycle tires, so I would suggest sliming them, and carrying a small bicycle pump if you are going to be around a lot of stickers.

I can't believe the maneuverability of this stroller. For a stroller that seats two, it's amazing. I can go into most stores and get through the aisles with no problem.

The wheels are quick release so taking them off and putting them back is a snap. The second seat also goes on and off quickly and easily. If you have a lot of storage in your car, you can simply fold the stroller down as is and be on your way. If you have limited trunk space, like me, you'll find that you have to take the wheels and additional child seat off to store. It's definitely more inconvenient than an umbrella stroller, but the whole process still takes less than two minutes.

We have owned this stroller for about 6 months, and it still looks brand new. The fabric is very sturdy and easily wipes clean.

The cons:

There is no drink holder for the parent or the child. I'm sure one can buy accessories to remedy this, but nothing comes with the stroller. And where this is a $400+ stroller, it seems like a big oversight. Storage is only so-so, and diminishes greatly when adding the second child to the mix. Again, I've seen bags that can be purchased as add-ons that help, but it is a disadvantage.

The child who is sitting in back has a very limited view. They have to look to the left or right to see anything. So far my son hasn't complained, but he's only 10 months old, so who knows what the future will hold? Another issue that I foresee becoming a big problem is the rear child has very easy access to the wheels. My ten month old son can touch the wheels when properly buckled in. I think it wouldn't take much for his fingers to get caught in the spokes, which really concerns me. For now, he just gets his fingers very dirty when touching the wheels. I wish there was some sort of wheel guard to keep his fingers away.

There are two foot brakes which are somewhat nice, but they are a little sticky, and I have a tough time taking them off with my foot. More often than not, I have to reach down and deactivate them with my hand. I wish the stroller had a hand brake that locks like many true jogging strollers have.