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Philips Magnavox 37 Lcd Hdtv Widescreen

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We bought this TV a couple years back, to replace the older one that was not doing so well anymore. It's been a great television, and I have few complaints.

It came with a built in DVD player. Now, it could just be something my kids did to it or something, but this player ceased working in a very short amount of time, though the actual television still has a great picture and great sound. That's complaint number one, but it's not major, as we do have a DVD player in addition to the TV, and that feature wasn't a major selling point for us.

Complaint number 2? If you lose the remote, you'll have to find a universal one, or you can just forget it! There's no way to adjust the channel or volume on the TV itself. There's a power button, and a couple DVD controls (for the built in player) on the actual TV itself, other than that, you'll have to use the remote.

And, complaint number three, though it's something we've learned to just adjust to. Because it is widescreen, and most channels broadcast in full screen ratio, the bottom (and sometimes very top) of the screen will be cut off. So, just hope there's nothing on the bottom of the screen (like subtitles) that you want to see. Most of the time, this isn't a major issue. But, if I want to watch a subtitled movie (like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, or The Passion of the Christ), it can be a big issue.

So, for me at least, those are the cons. But, the picture is gorgeous. I was especially impressed with how vibrant blues and greens show up on this TV. And, the sound is great too.