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Phillips Senseo Coffee Machine

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Jeanette Dusci By Jeanette Dusci on
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I love my Senseo Coffee maker. It is a one cup coffee maker. That being said it has an option on it of one cup or two. But, the one cup setting makes the dinkiest little cup of coffee I've ever seen, so I never choose that option. You use these little coffee pods that are made by the same company, although, other brands are also available. They are basically a measure of coffee enclosed in a filter type bag. The manual tells you to use two pods if you're choosing the two cup option. I don't find that necessary. I only use one pod for the two cup setting. The pods are fairly expensive, $5.89 for a pack of 18 at my grocery store. I have recently discovered, at Walmart, a refillable pod that lets you use any type of ground coffee in it, but there is a problem in that too much water runs through the machine and the cup overflows. After going to the company's website, I see that it is a problem and their solution is for you to keep an eye on the machine and turn it off manually before it overflows. Ridiculous, if you ask me, they need to work out the bugs. Anyway, I like the Senseo machine for the convenience of a quick cup of coffee. It brews in only about three minutes. On days that I don't have enough time to brew a whole pot, it's great. Also I am the only coffee drinker in the house so this is also another reason it works for me. For these reasons, the convenience outweighs the high cost of the pods for me.