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Philosophy Purity Made Simple

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Well, this product is a raved about facial cleanser from top magazines, note worthy websites, and reviews out the wazoo on Purity. So this is going to be my own opinion on this product, a woman who is not sponsered, wasnt given to for free, or someone who lies just to make a company like her for a second, then forget about.

I first reall like the sound of this cleanser: they market it as a one-stip facial cleanser:

deep cleans pores and takes off makeup buildup

hydrates skin as removing makeup

contains deep cleansing agents

natural oil help condition skin

fragrance free

And how everyone one I read was saying, that it was an amazing makeup removing facial wash. and that it was the best out there they have tried. So I guess I went in on the hype, and broke down and bought it.

So the price for the bottle, not horrible, but a lot more then plain drugstore washes. Im not to dissapointed in the price tho, you have to know how much you wanna spend, and really know about prices on skincare nowadays. So I picked it up, and was excited to try at night before bed. That time came around, and got into my fash washing stance. I didnt not take any of my makeup off before hand, I wanted to test out the makeup removing part of it. So here I go: wet my face, poured out some product, (which is really watery by the way, kinda to much), and started to work up a lather. And to my surprise, nothing happened in my hands, it just looked like the wash was just soaking into my hands. Weird. So I get more, and put it directly on my face. It was a weird feeling, like putting really thick sticky water on my face, and moving it around, I put it on my eyes to get my eyeshadow off. And nothig was really working. No lather, so I didnt really see if the soap was working, or actully cleaning anything at all. And my eye makeup was still on. Not to mention the smell of this stuff is the worst thing ever. It smells like a mixture of old lady and dust. Not joking. So with no clear evidence of this working, I washed off the extra, and went to get a makeup removing cloth to get all my makeup off. I did end up getting so much makeup that the cleanser did not get. I was very dissapointed in this cleanser. And nothing againsnt the elderly, but I dont like your smell mised with dead skin and dirt right under my nose!!