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Philosophy's Pure Grace Spray Fragrance

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By jrsjewels on
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My sister gave me a bottle of cologne one day while I was visiting her. My niece, her daughter, had given it to her, but she said she didn't care much for it because it just smelled like 'soap and water'. 'What's it supposed to smell like?', I asked? 'Soap and water', she admitted. Still, it didn't have enough 'character' for her taste. Understandibly, she asked me not to let my niece know that she'd given it away. I sprayed a sample from the 1oz. bottle. Hmmm, I really liked it, but I had to be careful not to let my sister know just how much I like it. Philosophy's Pure Grace cologne is supposed to resemble the clean smell of soap and water or crisp clean laundry. While it is definitely a 'clean' smell, it doesn't really remind me of laundry. Kind of a fresh from the shower smell, light, clean, soft, and slightly sweet. I could easily wear it everyday, but I use it sparingly to make it last as long as I possilbly can. This light little cologne is casual enough to wear with blue jeans, yet elegant enough that it could be worn for an evening out in that 'little black dress.' It also makes a wonderful summer fragrance!