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Phoenix Worms Lizards Love Them

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Missy StGermain By Missy StGermain on
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This is a fairly newcomer to the herpe culture for those who don't know that it means reptile owners etc. This feeder is excellent as it contains the right balance of calicum to phosophorus mixture. Its ready to eat right outta the container. Unlike crickets there is no need to dust them cause of their calcium abundance. They are good for all reptiles and can be used as a staple alongside crickets. I have a Bearded Dragon and so far he's eaten since bout 5 containers worth since I found out bout them back in March when I got my beardie. They are a excellent snack too when they need some extras in the afternoon or evening . My beardie loves them. They are good they stay right in the dish they dont' burrow like mealworms or superworms try to. Other things you can feed beardies are crickets. baby cockroaches, waxworms, hornworms, and silkworms. Silkworms and hornworms you can only buy from online suppliers. At first thats how I was buying my Phoenix worms but now my local pet store is carrying them so look for them at a local pet store or you can try a place called wormman.com for them or other reptile feeder companies online. Phoenix are kind of expensive so if you were to compare them to the equivallant of human food they'd be the prime rib of insects for many reasons. They nutrition and cost in a way but they are worth every penny .They are very nutrious I might warn people ahead of time "they are maggots". They call them phoenix worms I believe to not gross keepers out from handling them to feed their reptiles. But they are the larvae of the black soldier fly all fly larvae is essentially maggots. While they seem gross to us they're very nutrious and great for the reptiles protein wise. I use them along side crickets for the staple . I treat with superworms, waxworms and may look into silkworms alongside the greens everyday . I might add just cause the reptile has these phoenix worms they still need to their crickets dusted in calcium though .I also breed my own hissing cockroaches for my beardie they make excellent food too next to these phoenix. Anyhow IF you have never heard of phoenix worms before and they seem new go get some the lizards like them I had a couple green anoles who ate some too they have since died though from old age but just to show in the review here that lizards of all sizes like them. they wiggle arond alot and that catches the lizards eyes and they love catching and eating the phoenix worms. Also as a treat keep a couple of the larvae to see if they develop into the fly. lizards like flies and this would be a more sanitary way of giving them a fly as a treat .

thats all I wanna say bout phoenix worms only then to try them out for your Bearded Dragon or whatever lizard they'll love them mine goes crazy over them .