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Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney

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By thedefier on
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Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney is a very unique game, very original as it is the first of its kind. It is a lawyer game in which you represent defense cases. You get to study evidences, find evidences, talk to suspects, interrogate people on the stand, make theories and everything else without having to know any law stuff!

However, that's about the best of the game. The rest is all downhill...

First, the graphics aren't up to par with the best games of the DS as it relies on non-3D anime-like characters and backgrounds. Second, the sounds, like most of the DS's game sounds, are very harsh to the ears, not very pleasing.

Finally, the saddest part of the game : the content. Phoenix Wright hardly lets you do anything to affect the outcome of the cases. After awhile, it will turn into a make-a-guess-and-hope-you're-right kind of game. It would have been better had you been able to lose cases and continue the storyline but no, the game makes it that you have to win all cases to proceed. And in real-life, no lawyer wins ALL of his cases.

Points for originality but overall, Phoenix Wright isn't that good. If you really wanna play lawyer, be a lawyer in real-life.