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Phoenix Wright Is Right

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foolman By foolman on
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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney is the story of a rookie lawyer trying to make a name for himself. Playing a lawyer may sound boring, but this is one of the best games on the Nintendo DS.

Some older gamers might remember that the Adventure genre used to be so much more lively than it is now. Unfortunately, adventure games, particularly text based ones, are few and far between now and it seems that whenever one does come out, it is mediocre at best. Phoenix Wright reverses that trend. Even though Phoenix Wright has been a popular series in Japan for a long time now, Capcom has just decided to start bring the series to international shores. The reason the game was not brought over earlier is because a lot of jokes and situations were about Japanese culture. Thankfully, Capcom's localization team managed to translate everything so that it would still make sense in English.

The gameplay is text based. During investigation segments, you(Phoenix Wright) visit various sites and chat up detectives and locals for more information to strengthen your case. The real fun comes during the actual trial, where you will use the DS's built in micrphone to shout "Objection!" when you catch a lying witness. You have to use your brain to figure out which piece of evidents contradicts the witness's testimony.

Phoenix Wright is about as good as you can get if you want to play something new in the Adventure genre. And with the portability of the DS, Phoenix Wright is the perfect pick up and play game.