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Phonics Connection Workbook For Grade 3

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While I am searching for Christmas cards to give to special people my daughter chose to check the "Workbooks Section" of the National Bookstore. I told her to keep studying during her holiday vacation in preparation for their Academic Week in the school and start advancing on the last quarter's outline.

She found this PHONICS CONNECTION workbook authored by Hollie Hendricks in the stand. It contains exercises, activities and assignments for Grade 3 students enhancing their reading, phonemic relationships, word concepts, word recognition, consonants and vowels. As I went through the pages of the book I found it beneficial to her. Even though I will be busy with the holiday preparation I am sure she will be challenged to go over that book on her vacation.

The content of this book mostly drive on the topics they are tackling this school year and this will serve as a reviewer to her. She likes English and Math, more of the later, but I encourage her to learn both well to help her both in speaking dealings and computations.

Vacation is not purely rest, play and TV for her as I told her. It is the best time too to go back to old lessons and advance as well without the pressure of time. That will enable her to understand deeply the topics and her vacation will be fruitful to her as a student.