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Phosphatidylserine Is Great Overall

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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When I tried Phosphatidylserine the first time it was way back in High School and was useing it as a Weight Lifting Aid because it had been proven in studies to lower the stress hormone Cortisol. I wanted to use it to recover faster and I did and not only that I noticed my muscles seemed noticeably larger. My friend even noticed it but I didn't say I was taking anything. It convinced me it worked. I couldn't continue taking it because the price was too much for that different brand. I found out years later after researching it more online it can also be good for memory and the brain overall. Its an Omega 3 Fatty Acid. Phosphatidyserine no doubt had plenty of Scientific Evidence backing it up.

I decided to order it again years later but this time an affordable brand as I wanted to help my mind while I was young but alot of the places that sold it had the prices too high. I finally found Swansonhealth.com and the prices were reasonable considering the other web sites I had been to. When I got it and took it I definitly felt my mind was calmer and more clear especially taking it 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep. It helped unwind and go to bed more peacefully.

What I also started to notice was I felt and was mentally sharper. I was more alert and could recall things faster. Another thing about it was I started to remember things I had forgot all about. I'm talking about stuff way back when I was a child. Phosphatidylserine really helped me feel like doing things when mentally I would usually just feel too tired to do similar things without it.

Another thing I found out I didn't even think would occur with it was when I took it a few hours before going to sleep I had no appetite or urge to eat anything. This for me was a perfect way to lose weight which I needed at the time as I was definitely overweight. Oh yeah I lost weight as how could not as i'm laying in bed for so long with no calories just to accumulate and add more fat. Before taking this I would have a major problem craving to eat something before going to sleep and many times I did eat adding to my weight problem. I later went to my doctor and was weighed by the nurse and I had lost 20lbs in a span of 3 months since the last time I visited the doctor. I weighed 263lbs the last time I went to the doctor. This is not stimulant like other supplements that I had tried in the past to lose weight which added to the many good reasons why I like Phosphatidylserine.

Overall this has been a great supplement for me and one of the very few I would keep if I decided to give up most of the supplements I take or have taken. I take 2 capsules of it totally up to 600mg daily. This is quite a big dose of the stuff daily considering I only get 60 capsules of it for 19.99 but its worth it for me. There is a more affordable one available though with it being 30 soft gels of them at 100mgs each. I'm a firm believer that helping my brain is helping my entire body. Thanks for reading my review.