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Pi By Givenchy: Irrationally Delicious

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Adam Hollett By Adam Hollett on
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My obsession with pi began in high school, when I discovered that there was a number (called pi, represented by the Greek letter π) whose decimal places continued forever. I set out memorizing as many as I could. Over the years, my fondness for the number led me to collect several pi-related items, including keychains and this cologne.

Why this cologne is called pi, I do not know. My girlfriend gave it to me as a Christmas gift. I do not use it very often, but when I do it gets good results. It has a somewhat un-masculine fragrance - users of Axe bodyspray and the like will not be impressed - but therein lies its charm. It is intended for the sophisticated, confident man, who knows that he smells good even if his cologne isn't called 'Lightning Explosion' or something equally manly. Pi's bottle is small and attractive, with a flat glass front emblazoned with the Greek letter pi and the words 'Givenchy' and 'Paris'. The back of the bottle is textured in a somewhat unorthodox pattern, but this adds interesting dimension when viewing the bottle from the front.

Overall, I am satisfied with this cologne. As an infequent user of the stuff, I cannot claim to be an expert. I do, however, know when something smells nice. Pi is a pleasant-smelling cologne that will be sure to catch the attention of anyone you prowl around.