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Pick Your Level Is The Right Pick For You!

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I was not a stranger to pilates when I picked up my DVD of Pick Your Level Weight Loss Pilates. I had learned pilates during my college days, and found it really effective at toning and making me feel great. Now, as a newly-wed, I had found that the pounds were catching up to me again, and decided it was time to find a good pilates video.

I am very impressed with this particular exercise video. As the name suggests, you can choose the level of intensity and skill needed for your workout. This video walks you through several short exercise sessions in 3 different levels. Level One is low-intensity, and is great for beginners, or for anyone with back/muscle pain. Level Two is a well-balanced workout, and Level Three adds an extra twist to each exercise, making them more challenging.

This video is divided into sections and includes floor exercises as well as standing exercises, so you can choose what you are up to each time you work out.

First starting out (with experience with pilates, but out of shape), I found that, in general, Level Two was perfect for me and used it most extensively. When learning new moves, I started on Level One. As an exercise became familiar and automatic, I switched to Level Three. Currently, I use bits and pieces of all the levels during a single workout, making sure that each exercise feels just right. I also switch back and forth between the levels or the standing versus floor exercises depending on how I'm feeling. With so many ways to mix-and-match the exercises on this video, I can always find a workout to match my energy level!

Update On May 09, 2008: I just thought I should mention, since Zellers is a Canadian store, that you can also pick up this DVD online at Amazon.com.

Currently, you can purchase it new for $12.99 USD, or used for $7.00.