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Pick Your Spot Pilates Pick This Pilates Dvd!

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My hubby bought me this DVD, Crunch Pick Your Spot Pilates with Ellen Barrett, because he noticed that my abs was getting fatty. Crunch exercises have been my favorite since I started to be active in exercising (gym, dance and aerobic classes). But Pilates... hmm.. sure thing is a brand new stuff for me. So this DVD would be my first Pilates exercises, to be honest. The exercises in this DVD break into three sections (four with the additional Total Body workout at the end of it), and they are: Belly or Abs, Thigh and Butt. Each section is about 10 minutes long, and of course you can do each section separately, or combined, you pick. On the first day I exercised with this DVD, I got only 20 minutes with the Abs and the Thigh. On the second day, however, I managed to get the all three done (despite some sores on my abs and thighs.. lol). After around a week, I started to get more fit and the targeted areas seemed to get tighter. So I decided that it would be the perfect time to try the Total Body workout. And you know what, on the first try, I couldn’t get all those Total Body workouts done (I guess my body refused to get them all done, totally! lol). So I tried and tried, and finally I made it... :)

Basically, the three main exercises are simple, quite easy for Pilates beginner like me (been with Body Language exercises back then, don’t know if that affects my view). Controlling breathing while exercising seems to be an important factor in Pilates exercises. Ellen explained this very clearly in every exercise. She is a perfect instructor for this since she has this calm voice, yet doesn’t try to be chatty or flirty or whatsoever. I guess I fall in love with Pilates ever since I watched and practiced those exercises in this DVD. I want more of Pilates, please... And Ellen, you’re great! :)