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Picot Antacid Review

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By laugraves on
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Picot is a Mexican made antacid. It's made with sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. It's made in the form of a white powder, not a tablet. You take one packet of Picot with a half a glass of water and it will ease your stomach in no time. The first time I took it, it kicked in five minutes later and immediately made me felt better. The stuff really works and is the only antacid I will take from now on.

Usage- The way you take Picot is you rip open one packet (the size of the packet is fairly small, small enough that you can easily carry it around in your pants pocket) and pour all of it in half of a glass of water with no ice in it. Unlike other antacids, Picot is in the form of a powder, not a tablet which helps it dissolve faster. Picot will start bubbling as soon as it reaches the water, and you should quickly mix everything up and drink it all, the powder is very fast at dissolving.

Taste- The taste is not bad, it is a lighter taste. It has more of a sour taste to it, but at the same time it reminds me of a flat carbonated water, but the drink is carbonated, if that makes sense. It has a slight hint of lime, but has no extra flavoring to it. The taste is not that bad, but it definitely is not the best tasting antacid out there.

Effectiveness- Picot usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes after you drink it to kick in. It will make you burp, or have some other type of gas, and then you will feel alleviated right after that. I take it all the time when my stomach is acting up, and it makes me feel better every time I take it. I highly recommend it to everyone who has a bad stomach to try this because it works so fast and so well.

You can pick up a box containing 8 packets or 12 packets for a really cheap price. It works great every time you take it and it won't leave you disappointed. The speed of how it dissolves and how well it dissolves is just incredible. If you have problems with heartburn, sour stomach, acid indigestion, or an upset stomach I highly recommend you pick up a pack of Picot and try some, you will not be disappointed with the price and the results it carries.