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Pig Ears Dog's Love Em

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Okay, okay...i know what you're thinking. As soon as you see the price, you're probably having a mini-heart attack just thinking about spending almost $80 on something your dog is just going to eat. Well, it is a lot, but in this package, you get 100 pig ears which does last a while if you use them somewhat sparingly. The pig ears are completely digestible for your dog & they have a roasted flavor that's different from regular rawhides so it's a nice change. They also come in different sizes, from a large pig ear, to smaller chews.

I discovered these one day while walking through Walmart. They had some smaller bags with only a couple pig ears in it for about $3.00. I am all the time searching for different snacks for my puppies & since they had gotten kind of tired of regular rawhides, I figured i'd give these a shot.

Let's just say that they didn't last long. Actually it was quite cute. I had both my dogs in their cage for the night & I gave them each a pig ear. They both proceeded to sit there quite happily for the next 2 hours & knawed on those things till they were gone. I could hear them from my bedroom knawing on them. I was thrilled that I had found something they both loved.

So, after finding out that they loved them so much, I started searching to try & find the best price for them since I knew I wanted to stock up. These pig ears are definitely not cheap, but I thought the bag I found with 100 at walmart.com was a pretty good price, so I went ahead and ordered them using Site-to-store so that I didn't have to pay shipping. Overall it was a good deal, but i'd probably just try to find them in the pet store next time so I didn't have to wait for them.

Recently, I told my sister about them and she got a couple for her dog. Since then, she has bought a big bag of them herself because her dog loved them as much as mine did.