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Pimafix Medicine For Fish

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PimaFix is a natural fish medication that I have used on my fresh and saltwater fish. It is an antifungal and is extracted from West Indian Bay Trees. I have an 8 oz bottle, which will treat 474 U.S. Gallons. MelaFix works in conjunction with PimaFix and is also a natural medication, but this review is primarily on PimaFix.

This natural medication treats fungus or cottony growth, mouth and body fungus and reddening of the fins and body. When treating, you must remove all carbon from the tank filters, and use the recommended dosage for 7 days. After that, you can do a 25% water change and then dose again for another 7 days, if needed. In saltwater tanks, it is recommended to turn off the protein skimmer and UV sterilizer when treating for best results. PimaFix also will not hurt the natural bacteria in the tank, which a lot of other fish medication will do.

I feel much better using this medication for my fish because of its natural qualities. Fungal infections are very hard to treat on fish, and I have had good luck with this product. Of course, there are always going to be cases which are beyond help and the fish can still succumb to their infection, but for the most part, this product has been very useful to me.

I have purchased it at Petsmart, but it can also be ordered online at PetSolutions.com and Drs. Foster and Smith.