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Pine Sol Without An Overbearing Scent To Work.

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By dawn69 on
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Pine-Sol is a product that has been a round for years. However, it was in a very strong smell like pine fresh. This pine odor made it hard for me to use the product as I have asthma. Since the smell was so strong it was many years later before I again tried this product. The company came out with a lemon fresh scent. I bought this scent recently in hopes that I could give it a try. I now have tile floors in my bathroom and kitchen. I have heard good things about Pine-Sol and wanted to try it. With this new scent I thought I could give it a whirl.

I bought this bottle at Walmart for about $2.50 and I thought that was cheap for a 28 ounce bottle. However, I later found it again at the dollar general store for $2.00 even for the same size.

When I opened the bottle there was not extreme scent of lemon that assaulted my nose. It was a mild pleasant scent. I was very happy with this outcome.

The first thing you will notice on the bottle is the label telling you what surfaces you can use this product on. This product is very versatile you can use it in every room in the home. The bathroom, Kitchen, living room and more. You can use it on wood, tile and porcelain. Pine-Sol is not just for floors but also countertops and chrome.

The company doesn't recommend you use this product on unfinished wood, painted areas, waxed floors, or unsealed floors. They do recommend that before using you test a small area you want to clean to make sure there will be no problems with this product. I did exactly as the directions said and tested a small area on my floor. The floor looked good afterwards and the smell was nice. I then decided it was safe to clean the whole bathroom.

I used 1/4 cup of Pine-Sol per gallon of water. I also used a mop to clean the floor as well. I took my time to make sure there was at no time any standing water with the cleaning in it. When I finished my floor looked shiny and clean. The smell again I can not say enough. The smell is not over powering but very pleasant. I use it to wipe down the sinks and tub with no problem.

Remember to however, read all warnings. These warning are there for a reason. Remember to keep out of the reach of children as this is a cleaning product and you do not want them to get into it.

My opinion:

I found Pine-Sol with the lemon scent to be a good product. It did a great job on cleaning my bathroom. There were no streaks or mess left behind only a nice fresh lemon scent. I found that it left a nice shine on the chrome as well in the tub. I would recommend this product to all. It is one that has been around for years in another scent. I am glad that Pine-Sol came out with this scent and I got a chance to give them a try. Well worth the money for a pure clean. I am looking forward to a long friendship with this product as it cleans good and smells great. I am sorry that I seem to dwell on the scent but if you had asthma and allergies you would want a product that not only worked but did not make you sick every time you used it. I have to say that this product is a great cleaner for me without any side affects.