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Pinewood Derby Fun

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My oldest son is in Cub Scouts and they recently had their Pinewood Derby. As a Christmas gift each boy was given a Pinewood Derby kit. The kit consists of a block of wood, four wheels, and four nails to hold the wheels in place. This was supposed to be a family project, but my son is 7 and is not allowed to use a saw. So "we" (my husband and I- also term is used very loosely meaning mainly my husband) got to work making a car. We are not really wood cutting/ shop class kind of people but we somehow made it work. I wish they would have included some instructions in the box about how to make different car designs. We just had to look at a picture and try to copy it. After we finished making it then we had to paint it and add accesories. Then we had to add weights because it did not weigh enough and something to make the wheels spin faster. So while this block of wood was a gift, the other stuff started getting pricey and time consuming. While this was a fun one time project, honestly I wish we would have just bought a already shaped car kit. We are a busy family and we had to make this in one day because we have been out of town a lot. But at least now my son has a car that he knows his daddy made for him. If you have a child in cub scouts and are pretty crafty you might really enjoy this. We probably will not be making another car.