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Pirates Of The Carribean: Curse Of The Black Pearl

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Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is based off of the classic ride at the Disney parks. This has to be the most successful ride-to-movie film that has been made. It stars Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, a pirate who has lost his ship and crew after a mutiny. He comes into a port and quickly ends up on the high seas with Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) in search of Elizabeth Swan (Kiera Knightley), who has been captured by Captain Barbossa, the pirate who commands his old ship and crew. There is also a curse that comes into play, and Sparrow plans to use this in order to reclaim his ship (the Black Pearl) and crew. This is a FANTASTIC movie. It has everything that one could want in a movie - action, adventure, romance, and comedy (Depp plays an odd and quirky version of a pirate). He really steals the show (not that it wasn't his to begin with) and has so many quotable lines to count. There is some violence in this movie, so I'm not sure it would be suitable for all kids, but it isn't as bad as most movies out there. Other than that, it is pretty safe. All of the characters do a great job, especially the cursed crew and the main characters. As far as extra features, there is a commentary that offers some insights into what was going on behind the scenes during the filming of the movie and some additional extras as well. This is a great DVD to own and a wonderful movie - I can watch it again and again.