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Pirelli (As In The Naked Ladies Calendar!)

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Naked Calendar Tyres Ladies Pirelli

OK, the review is not actually on the Calendars, but the Company that sponsors them is Pirelli. This is the second time in my life I have bought a full set of tyres, and this particular time I went for P7s by Pirelli. Being sixteen inch rims, mine are a little more expensive than fifteens, or even seventeens! This is because of supply and demand, they don't make quite as many 16" tyres, so they become more expensive to produce. My Pirellis were fitted onto Vauxhall Omega Elite alloys, and the balancing weights fitted to the inside, where they should be.

I had shopped around, in local tyre fitters as well as on the internet, & decided to buy local. I know there are many places selling cheap tyres, but you also have to pay for P&P, then fitting, and then balancing, plus a new valve, Oh yes, & there is a charge for disposal of your old tyres. I decided the saving just wasn't worth the hassle.

These have an Asymmetric Design, and also Extra Low Rolling Resistance, which gives flexibility and smoothness while the total weight is reduced, plus strength being increased.


These are made for good handling on both the dry and the wet..

Some Pirelli tyres also feature "STEP", short for Safety from Technically Engineered Profile. According to the sales blurb is "giving a more harmonious interaction between the various parts of the tyre: the result is a new profile that reduces deformation in the critical tyre areas, producing greater reliability and structural resistance. In essence, less rigidity without reducing resistance during use and thus less wear in the critical areas."

If you want to visit the Pirelli website, take a look here -


New tyres require running in, plus being checked as often as you can, both for pressure, and also wear. The modern trend is not to rotate your tyres onto different axles, and although this does even out wear, and makes tyres last longer, the problem is that all the tyres wear out at the same time, and most people prefer to change a pair at a time.

As for traction, these do seem to grip better in the wet than most others, and in my opinion this is when you really need the grip. I don't like designer tread, and I firmly believe a lot of tyres have tread designed more for looks rather than function. These may not have a modern tread, but I think they look good, not only when they are brand new, but after a lot of wear.

My Pirelli tyres which are fitted to highly polished alloys, look the brilliant. A lot of tyres nowadays have a direction of rotation on them, signified by an arrow on the sidewall, mine don't, however, they do have "outside" marked in a prominent position, so they need to be fitted the right way round.

Do you know what the correct pressures should be? What it says in your handbook may not always be right. This is because the manufacturers have to state a pressure, suitable for the average driver with the average load. Yours may be different, so it's best to have a decent tyre fitter's opinion after a while, you may find yours are wearing on the middle for instance, indicating too much pressure, even though it is exactly what it says in the book. You must also make sure your tracking and camber is correct.

That is just my opinion, they look good, are affordable, grip well, and don't wear out too quick. They offer everything a tyre should to me.

I will also mention that Pirelli is the same company that does the famous calendars, I will not go on about these as they are not relevant in this review, however, if you wish to see the calendar website, it is here:- http://www.pirellical.com/thecal/hom

I would normally give the RRP, but in this case, it obviously depends on the size, plus of course where you buy. You will find plenty of outlets, in the high street and online, just be careful about delivery prices, and remember to allow for fitting.

Thanks for reading, and remember to check your tyres for wear & pressure