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Pixos: Too Much Hype, But Fun

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For months we have been seeing Spin Master Pixos commercials on television. Every time Pixos come on TV, "I want that!" spews from my little one's mouth. So, we got her the Pixos Super Studio for her birthday.

The super studio comes with a sorter, dispenser, drying fan unit, two trays, templates, a spray bottle, a pixo picker, and some pixos in various colors to make the template designs in the kit. You create your designs, spray them with water, and place them under the fan to dry. Magically the pixos adhere together to become whole.

First I want to tell you to order the set on TV rather than getting it at the store. On TV you get 2000 pixos and bonus templates. The Store version costs the same and you only get 500 pixos. Once your child runs out of those you will be high tailing it to the store for more pixos to save your sanity. We had time constraints less we would have bought the TV bonus set-up.

The best thing about Pixos is the educational value. Your child will learn to follow instructions, count, and assemble a craft all on their own.

The worst thing about Pixos is the fan is useless and requires 2 AA batteries (not included). You are better putting your child's creations under a lamp to dry. The pixos seem to dry faster and adhere better under a light.

The dispenser is clumsy and you never seem to get those little pixos in place right off. You may also experience difficulty getting pixos to drop down the tubing. The pixo picker picks up more pixos than you want 9 times out of 10 when you need to correct errors. Finally, you can forget finding those pixos when they drop on the floor.

Overall we learned a valuable lesson with Spin Master Pixos: Things are not always as they seem on TV. However, we had fun trying them out.