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Pizza Oven Gives Pizza Hut Serious Competition

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dade By dade on
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I don't know about you, but I get awful tired of the same old, same old pizza. You know, that place you call up and they bring it to you, always tasting like the box it came in.

I used to make my own pizza from scratch, not that long ago. Now I do it again, but it tastes better and costs less, than what I used to stick in the oven.

Cuisninart's, Pizza Oven, takes me back to when my taste buds tasted "real", homemade pizza, just like Ralph used to make, from "Tony's Pizza", down the street from us, when I was still growing up.

There are a few pizza ovens on the market today. I found out about them at a party my wife and I went to last Spring. The pizza was good and homemade. I asked the hostess, what was up, and she brought me into her kitchen. There it was, a real pizza oven.

Well, I was almost sold. While I was picking up supplies at Best Buy, I decided to see if the had any pizza ovens. I came home and hide it for my wife's birthday. She found it it the basement two days later, so I heard about it when I got home from work that night.

Of course we had pizza that night. I made the dough and used the pizza quick sauce. We used what was left of the mozzarella, then I through in some leftover swiss and a couple slices of processed cheddar. I threw some cut up hotdogs on it, with onions and prayed for a miracle.

The kids loved it, my wife had two small pieces and I finished off three myself. No, it did not taste like great pizza, but we were sold, the oven could cook the pizza, as if it came out of some brick oven.

We kept the Cuisinart Pizza Oven. I got my wife a real birthday present and we all went to pizza heaven.

This oven really works quite well. It is simple to use, has settings for frozen and fresh pizza. You can use the oven for cooking many other dishes in it, without any hassle, too. I am a pizza fanatic, so I love what it does. I make batches of mini pizzas to freeze. Whenever someone wants a great pizza, it's a few minutes away, and tastes better than the ones you order, from a cardboard box.

If there is a down side to it, this would be; get used to the temperature settings. Don't walk away and start watching TV, until you familiarize yourself with the oven.

The maintenance is very low. Clean up is not a long involved problem with the pizza oven.

My in-laws were over for "Pizza Nite", last month. Looks like they are going to get a Cuisinart, Pizza Oven for the holidays.