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Placebo Dryer Balls

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These Dryer Balls were a gift from a relative who knew that I was looking for things to review. I think that it met the primary criteria for a good gift: (1) It is something interesting, that (2) I probably would not buy it for myself.

The package (and I am sure the TV commercials, too) makes a lot of claims:

- Cuts Drying Time

- Softens Fabrics Naturally

- Reduces Static

- Reusable

- Hypoallergenic

I will start with the good news: They seem to have good advertising. Also, the balls are a nice blue color and are sort of cute. Yes, they are reusable. 'They last for years.' is one of the few things on the package which I believe.

The not so good news: I have not experienced any reduction in drying time. There does not seem to be any difference in fluffiness, certainly not like is shown in the dramatized photo on the package (which shows two piles of towels, the one which used Dryer Ball is about 50% taller).

There may be some slight reduction in static cling on some clothes (but I am not really sure).

I guess it is probably true that they are Hypoallergenic, so if you can't use liquid fabric softener or drier sheets, they may make you feel like you did everything possible to attain softness (even if it is just a sugar pill).

The package recommends using 4 or 6 ball for better results, but there is no way I will spend 10 or 20 dollars to see if that may be true.

Some people complain about the sound of the balls banging around in the dryer. My dryer has good sound insulation so this was not a problem for me.

They do have a Two Year Performance Guarantee! You just need to send them back to the company and they will send you some replacements!

I will continue to use my Dryer Balls (they don't seem to hurt anything), but if I had a cat I would probably turn them into pet toys.