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Plackers Floss Picks Expensive But Handy

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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I am really new to the use of these little flosser handles, but there are some things I like about them, and some things that I don’t.

For all of my life, until this past summer, my teeth have been too close together to get floss between them. After having some dental work done I now have a one space that traps food every time I eat something. So I’ve become quite a floss user. But I never thought I’d buy these little things with handles. They have always seemed very wasteful to me... until this week.

I’ve been on a trip with long drives on each end. To save money and time, I like to just eat in the car. I pack finger food- veggies and fruits, granola bars and maybe a sandwich. Lots of things in that list with fibers that get caught in the teeth. I had a container of floss with me, but... and I had never thought about this before... you can’t use floss while you are driving, it takes two hands.

So I decided to buy some of these flossers. Who knew that they came in different kinds!? These are made by Plackers, and are loaded with fine floss, “for tight teeth.” They also have a toothpick at the handle end. The tip of the pick remains “protected” until a short piece of plastic is broken away. I’m not sure what it is protected from. You can certainly touch the edges with your fingers, so it’s not protected from germs. Maybe they mean that you are protected from poking yourself until you want to use it.

The package has a perforated tear-off top with a zipper lock bag opening below that. This was very nice, since I needed to open it in a parking lot, and didn’t have to open my suitcase and find the toilet kit to get a pair of scissors to make a clean job of opening the package. I had visions of tearing it open and dumping the pack all over the asphalt.

I really had NEVER used one of these before.

First of all, the good part:

They can be used with one hand so that I could floss in the car, while driving. A small plastic bag of them now lives in my car console.

The floss is indeed very fine.

I like that it is completely flat. I’m going to wrap one in a bit of saran wrap and keep one in my wallet, too.

They promise that the floss will not break or shred, and so far that has been true. It claims to be “tuffloss- the same fiber used to make bulletproof vests.”

The not so good parts:

They are expensive per use- I’ll only buy them to meet this one-handed flossing need.

The toothpick isn’t pointed enough to be of much use, protected or not.

I found that there is a learning curve to use the pick without hurting yourself! While learning the right angle to get the floss between my back teeth I managed to cut my lip because the floss is so fine. Also, after running that fine floss between the teeth several times the gums there got really irritated. I’m learning to use it more carefully, but I think that next time I won’t buy the kind loaded with fine floss.