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Plain Jane By Fern Michaels

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If someone were to ask me what I love to do on my free time I would have to say reading. It is my passion. I go through about two to three books a week and I love to read anything from romance to supsense. I take monthly trips to my local Goodwill store ervery month just to see if there are any good books. I often find many that I am interested in and they sell fo .75. Great deal for me.

In one of my trips to the Goodwill store, I found "Plain Jane" by Fern Michaels. She is one (there are many others) of my favorite author. She can write a story that is funny, suspensful, and romantic all in one. I consider her to be a very talented writer

"Plain Jane" is about a woman named Jane Lewis who felt that she was a plain jane. She thought herself to be overweight, frumpy, and shy. She always wanted to be like her college friend and homecomming queen Connie Bryan. While in college, her and Connie are put through a brutal beating and rape

that ultimatly leads Connie to taking her own life.

Jane grows up to be an upstanding psycologist with her own practice, her own radio station, and her affectionate dog Olive. The only thing that is missing in her life is someone to share it with.

Jane meets her old admiration from college, Michael Sorenson. Now he must inspire her to hope for the future however she has never forgotten the brutal, unsolved attack that ended Connie Bryan's life and still haunts her.

The past collides with the future and Jane finds clues to the identies who provided the brutal attacks on Connie- clues that send her into a world of risk and excitment, challenging her to become a truly extraordinary woman... if she dares.

When I finished this story, I truly had to look back at it and say"wow, that was a great story". I am not one to read a story twice but given the chance I definatly would this one. I reccommend this story to anyone who likes to read.