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Planet Of The Apes 1968 Widescreen Dvd

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Earth sends astronauts to search for a new beginning in a different time and place. They crash on Earth in 3978 A.D. The three astronauts search the area for life. They find a group of humans and are attacked by a group of apes. They are captured and taken prisoner.

George Taylor (Charlton Heston) is the focus as he fights his captors. He becomes friends with a female chimpanzee scientist, Zira. She believes his story and she and her husband, Cornelius, help him escape. The leader of the apes, Dr. Zaius, knows about the planet's past and does not want anyone to find out.

This is a sci-fi masterpiece that piques our curiosity with the apocalyptic and reverse evolution. While some see as just an action movie, it is a profound commentary on society.

It has four sequels and a remake.. The screenplay is written by Michael Wilson and Rod Serling. Their writing and the film's direction packs a punch without overdoing it.

The story is very intriguing, as it asks the question "what if man traveled into the future?" It gives us plenty of provocative ideas.

The acting is terrific, which helps make the bizarre story almost believable. Charlton Heston steals the spotlight with his emotional acting, which is sometimes overdone. Roddy McDowall (Cornelius) offers a calmer but just as riveting performance. Kim Hunter (Zira) creates a compassionate and loving character. Maurice Evans (Dr. Zaius) puts in a solid performance as the ape leader.

I think that the SFX and costumes are very well done, especially or the 60s, but they are no match for the effects in Tim Burton's remake.

The mediocre costumes are overshadowed by the action and dark outlook of Earth. It shows us how history repeats itself with the world's prejudices that still remain.

The fast-moving music adds to the stressful atmosphere. Thankfully, the music director did not use cheesy 60s music.

Planet of the Apes is a classic sci-fi film that should be seen by every sci-fi fan. It is a great action and sci-fi film with commentary on society. The ending alone is a reason to watch it.